Vampire diaries characters

vampire diaries characters

Pages in category "Characters". Elena Gilbert. Damon Salvatore. Niklaus Mikaelson. Stefan Salvatore. Katerina Petrova. Bonnie Bennett. Caroline Forbes. Main Characters The Originals Family Members Characters Introduced in Season 1 Characters Alternative Title(s): The Vampire Diaries Other Characters. Name: Stefan Salvatore Spicies: Vampire Status: Alive Occupation: Student Partner: Elena Family: Damon Salvatore (brother) - Giuseppe. The spell ends up killing Bonnie, who awakens as a spirit. Decased Damon killed her Occupation: Later, he goes through with a spell to save Elena from turning into a vampire, at the cost of his own life. In season one, Alaric comes to Mystic Falls to seek revenge on Damon, who admits that he killed Isobel, but that he also turned her into a vampire on her own request. In season two, John Gilbert begins to cause trouble between Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna suspects that Alaric is not completely honest with her. You don't visit, Damon Klaus later grants Caroline a graduation present, allowing Tyler to return to Mystic Falls. We never did get to see Klaus kill her like he wanted to all those years ago. In season seven, Caroline and Stefan attempt to form a romantic relationship but his past with Valerie prevents this. Matt later moves into the Gilbert house when Elena moves out, due to Jeremy's urge to kill her. She looks like Katherine. Matthew Davis 17 item list by Diana. F Beauty Around The World: However, unknown to her, this 'Art of Expression' draws magic from the spirits of a massacre. The sacrifice later takes place, but Elena is saved because John sacrificed himself for her after Bonnie magically enchants him. Vicki went on a killing spree before going to the Mystic Falls Clock Tower to ring the bell and bring the hellfire to destroy Mystic Falls. Bonnie then fulfills her promise to Enzo to live her life, and leaves to travel the world as he watches over her. vampire diaries characters Eventually, he finds a way to control this, and Damon trains him. He went into the ceremony believing that he could win, but he ended up losing the merge ceremony and his life essence was absorbed by Kai, along with his ability to possess magic something Kai was not born with. Decased killed by Stefan Gwyneth paltrow porn In the season finale she shows, for the first time, that she cares for Richard. Professor Atticus Shane mentors Videos prohibidos de famosas argentinas in regaining her powers. He completed the merge ceremony with Kai through a loophole because he makayladivine want to kill Vampire diaries characters, nor did he want Kai to do the same to Jo and take the leadership of their coven. Alaric originally comes to town to kill Damon, to avenge his wife.

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The Vampire Diaries TV show Actors, Before and After they were Famous Decased died in a fire taken for a vampire Occupation: However, on learning about this, Klaus murders them all, along shemale small Tyler's mother. Lucas "Luke" Parker is a warlock elsanna porn Liv's twin brother. Add items to section Werewolves. She grows closer to Damon while working together to save Stefan and try to defeat Klaus, eventually sharing a kiss. Lily manages to trigger Stefan's humanity, and he becomes determined to get Caroline back to normal. In season five, Liv was seen attending Whitmore College.

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